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Enhancing Recovery and Mobility: Home-Based Physiotherapy in Warninglid

Hospital stays can be traumatic for individuals of all ages, but the challenges are particularly pronounced for the elderly. Adjusting to life at home after being hospitalised often requires a period of recovery. Having worked in the NHS for 16 years, I am well aware of the struggles faced by elderly patients who find themselves trapped in a cycle of hospital visits. The fear of movement at home and the worry of recurring accidents can make them more accident-prone as their joints stiffen.


At The Well Balanced Centre, we are dedicated to changing this narrative. Our mission is to facilitate your mobility and reintegrate you into the community following a fall.

Empowering Recovery, One Step at a Time

Setting small, achievable goals is one of the most effective strategies for a successful recovery. Realistically, it takes time to regain normalcy after a distressing experience. By setting incremental goals, such as using a handrail to climb the stairs, you can gradually acclimatise yourself to being back at home.


As your strength and confidence improve, you can aim for more ambitious goals, like walking assisted to the end of the garden and back. Setting small goals allows for visible progress and fosters increased confidence.

The Power of Home-Based Physiotherapy:

To expedite recovery after a fall, home-based physiotherapy sessions are highly recommended. At The Well Balanced Centre, we specialise in providing home-based physiotherapy services in Warninglid and across West Sussex. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to enhance your quality of life. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Hands-on physiotherapy

  • Strength and balance training

  • Assistance with walking patterns and gait re-education

  • Fall prevention strategies and hazard identification

  • Pain reduction techniques

  • Development of tailored exercise plans for home-based practice

  • Improvement of functional abilities

  • Building confidence in movement

If you have been seeking home-based physiotherapy in Warninglid, your search may have come to an end. The Well Balanced Centre offers the expertise and support you need.

Initial Physio Assessment:

To begin your journey towards recovery, we provide in-home initial assessments. This allows us to evaluate your movement capabilities and discuss your goals. Based on the assessment, we will create a personalised exercise plan for you to follow at your own pace. Additionally, we offer hands-on physiotherapy to alleviate pain and discomfort. To embark on your home-based physiotherapy journey, schedule your initial assessment with us today.

Get in touch

With 16 years of experience in the NHS, I founded The Well Balanced Centre with the aim of delivering exceptional, personalised care right to your doorstep. We are passionate industry experts committed to enhancing your well-being. Contact us today to book your first consultation and experience the transformative benefits of our services.

Better Together

We provide home based physiotherapy in Chailey and the surrounding areas in West Sussex . We have developed reputable links with like minded health care and fitness professionals in the area who can provide holistic solutions to our patients health.

We are always happy to write to your GP, talk to your personal trainer/coach or communicate to other professionals involved in your health and fitness. We are better working together!

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