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Home Based Physiotherapy Plumpton

Have you or a loved one recently had a fall or spent time in hospital? Have you been looking for physiotherapy sessions but don’t know where to start? Then The Well Balanced Centre is here to help! We provide home based physiotherapy in Plumpton and across Mid Sussex. Using a blend of physio, holistic and practical treatment, we can help you feel great again.

What is Physiotherapy?

Often, our clients can be unsure as to whether physiotherapy is the right choice for them. You might be surprised to hear, however, that physio can be beneficial for most people!


Physiotherapy helps relieve pain after an injury, illness or disability. It is the careful manipulation of the body combined with specific exercises. Your physiotherapist will not only give you treatment, but also provide a tailored home exercise plan for you to practice.


Whilst physiotherapy can relive immediate pain, a one-time treatment is not enough to keep pain and joint stiffness away. Patients have to be consistent with their exercise plan in order to really improve. These exercises, given by your physiotherapist, are often simple and can performed whilst sitting or standing. Over time, you should see your physical health start to improve as you gain more mobility. Looking for home based physiotherapy in Plumpton? Get in touch today to find out more.

Why home based?

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Home based physiotherapy in Plumpton is a great idea for elderly patients who may have recently lost mobility or movement function.


Having your session at home means you can feel more at ease and comfortable with your surroundings. This, in turn, means you are more likely to be relaxed and open up to the physio treatment.


If you have lost mobility or movement function, travelling to a clinic can be difficult and (sometimes) impossible. Having treatment at home removes this stress and makes your life much easier.

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What treatments do we provide?

We provide a number of treatments and tailor our care to your needs and goals. Some of the things we offer include:


  • Coordination and balance work

  • Strength building

  • Reducing pain

  • Hands-on physio treatments

  • Assisted walking practice

  • Creating a tailored home exercise plan

  • Working on functionality post COVID-19

  • Spotting hazards

  • Increasing mobility following a fall or stay in hospital

  • Improving general quality of life

Initial Assessment 

Another benefit we haven’t mentioned yet is the increased confidence boost we can give you. Patients can often feel anxious or frustrated after suffering a mobility setback. The psychological impact of a fall is usually overlooked. Elderly clients can often feel nervous about everyday movements due to a fear of falling again. This can lead to losing even more mobility and ending up back where you started. Here at The Well Balanced Centre, we want to break the cycle.  With our help, we can get you feeling safe and confident with movement again.

Get in touch

Interested in having home based physiotherapy? Contact us today for advice and to book your first session. We are always happy to answer any questions or queries.

Better Together

We provide home based physiotherapy in Plumpton and the surrounding areas in West Sussex . We have developed reputable links with like minded health care and fitness professionals in the area who can provide holistic solutions to our patients health.

We are always happy to write to your GP, talk to your personal trainer/coach or communicate to other professionals involved in your health and fitness. We are better working together!

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