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Home based physiotherapy in Hurstpierpoint

After a fall or stay in hospital, elderly patients can face mobility and confidence issues. Movement can become difficult. This is often not from a lack of motivation, but from being unsure where to start. However, The Well Balanced Centre is here to help. We offer home based physiotherapy in Hurstpierpoint. We also offer assessments, orthopaedic care and exercise programmes.


We are here to help get you back on your feet and feeling great again!

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a practice that helps restore movement and function after an accident, illness or surgery. It takes a holistic approach which involves you in the process. Your physiotherapist will work with you, guiding you through exercises and movements. You will then be given simple exercises to practice on your own.


Elderly people can often feel a loss of independence after experiencing a fall or illness. Physiotherapy helps give them direction and a sense of ownership over their movements. Opting for home based physiotherapy in Hurstpierpoint means you can build your confidence in the privacy of your own home.

Why home based?

Elderly patients can often find travelling to a clinic distressing and difficult. Having your treatment at home means you can feel safe and comfortable. It also helps us as physiotherapists to get a sense of how you move and interact at home. In this way we can help you practice your everyday activities in your home.


Seeing your home environment also means that hazards can be spotted and sorted out. We can see your daily movements and choose suitable places for handrails for example. Looking for home based physiotherapy in Hurstpierpoint? Get in touch today to find out more.


Setting goals

Setting achievable goals is so important when motivating yourself for physiotherapy. It’s a good idea to set an overall goal and then a few smaller goals. For example, an overall goal could be ‘I want to walk to the local shop and back’. A smaller goal could be something like ‘I want to get up from my chair confidently’. Setting yourself goals helps you stay motivated. It also means you can easily track your progress.


In your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will go over what goals you want to achieve. We can then tailor a plan that’s perfect for your specific home and needs.

What treatments can I expect?

The treatments we offer include:


  • Functional activity practice (e.g. stairs and walking)

  • Balance practice and work

  • Assessment of mobility aids

  • Mobility practice indoors and outdoors

  • A home exercise programme


It’s important to remember that these changes won’t happen instantly. Although you might feel better after your first session, it’s important to keep the exercises up to maintain mobility.


Our treatment is patient centred and is all about getting you the results you want. With 16 years of NHS experience, my ethos is to deliver high quality community care to the elderly. I founded The Well Balanced Centre to give more people access to the rehabilitation and care they need.

Better Together

We believe in working together with other experts to improve overall health and wellbeing. We have developed reputable links with like minded health care and fitness professionals in the area who can provide holistic solutions to our patients health.

We are always happy to write to your GP, talk to your personal trainer/coach or communicate to other professionals involved in your health and fitness. We are better working together!

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