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Home Based Physiotherapy Haywards Heath

The population is getting older and more people are living with long term conditions - we are based in Haywards heath and off community based physiotherapy services here.

16 Years Experience working as a physio in Haywards Heath

Having worked in the NHS for 16 years, I set up The Well Balanced Centre, dedicated to home-based physiotherapy in Haywards Heath, as I felt there was a real need for people to gain greater access to care once they were discharged from hospital and living back in the community. 


Long waiting lists and delays in receiving the right care can have a huge and detrimental impact on a person’s quality of life.  Care Homes are often very busy too and staff may not always have to time to encourage walking or movement.

The Well Balanced Centre


Here at The Well Balanced Centre we can provide assessments and treatment sessions at short notice and provide regular appointments where needed.

The whole ethos of The Well Balanced Centre stems from my passion to want to help individuals in their own environment reach the goals and achieve the quality of life they desire.  Sometimes teaching simple strategies is all that is needed to help make daily life easier.

Our patients are central to our treatment at The Well Balanced Centre and I very much believe in building professional and trusting relationships with everyone we treat.  I love to promote and inspire people to live their lives to the best of their ability so not only can I help with building strength and function, but The Well Balanced Centre can also help improve mobility, balance and confidence. 

Physio assessment here in Haywards Heath 

Areas The Well Balanced Centre can help with are:

·         Elderly Rehabilitation / Age Related issues

·         Strength / balance training

·         Post Orthopaedic Surgical Rehabilitation

·         Falls Prevention

·         Getting back to function after COVID-19

How can The Well Balanced Centre Physiotherapist help you?
  • Depending on your needs, The Well Balanced Centre Physiotherapist will carry out an initial assessment to look at movement, function, strength, coordination and balance.

  • They will prescribe targeted exercises to address your specific problems.

  • If your walking has been affected The Well Balanced Centre Physiotherapist will address your walking pattern and carry out movement / gait re-education.

  • For patients affected by COVID-19, The Well Balanced Centre Physiotherapist can provide advice on lifestyle and fatigue management.

Treating in the privacy and comfort of your own environment in Haywards Heath, means that we can really address specific issues that are concerning you thereby enabling you to thrive at home.

We strive to provide solutions and treatment programmes that are tailored to each individual as everyone’s needs are different.  This means we often have to think outside the box and get creative using whatever we can find in the patients’ home to aid exercise.


Hopefully this makes the overall experience more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone!

Better Together

We believe in working together with other experts to improve overall health and wellbeing. We have developed reputable links with like minded health care and fitness professionals in the area who can provide holistic solutions to our patients health.

We are always happy to write to your GP, talk to your personal trainer/coach or communicate to other professionals involved in your health and fitness. We are better working together!

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