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Home based physiotherapy in Chailey

Have you or a loved one been looking for home based physiotherapy in Chailey? You may have just found your perfect match with The Well Balanced Centre! Before we dive deeper into the services we offer, let’s have a look at what physiotherapy is (and its benefits).

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps restore movement function after an injury, illness or stay in hospital. A licensed physiotherapist will also use hands-on techniques. They can manipulate your muscles, joints and bones to help relieve pain and increase mobility. Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach that involves the patient directly in their own care.


Another important part of physiotherapy is movement and activity advice. Your physiotherapist will create a tailored exercise plan for you to practice at home. These exercises can be adapted to be sitting or standing. It is crucial to follow your exercise plan. Following the plan will help implement long-term change and prevent future pain and stiffness.


Physiotherapists will also give you advice on other aspects of your lifestyle. This advice could be about movement, lifting or posture. Following this advice can help prevent future pain or accidents.

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What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

Everyone has a different reason for starting physiotherapy treatment. Some people are looking to relieve pain and discomfort whilst others want to increase their mobility. Physiotherapy can help patients return to their previous level of functioning as well as preventing future accidents. Some of the benefits of physiotherapy include:


  • Improving mobility

  • Increasing strength

  • Gaining movement confidence

  • Reducing or eliminating pain

  • Helping with joint stiffness

  • Improving balance

  • Manage age-related issues

  • Prevent future falls/accidents

  • Rehabilitation


These are just some of the benefits that physiotherapy provides. Looking for home based physiotherapy in Chailey? Get in touch today to find out more.

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Why home based physio?

You might be wondering why home based physiotherapy is any better than getting treatment at a clinic. However, there are lots of benefits to receiving treatment at home.


Often, elderly patients can find travelling to a clinic distressing. By receiving treatment at home, patients can feel comfortable and relaxed in a familiar environment. Another benefit to home based physiotherapy in Chailey is that we can see how you move within your home. This means that we can spot hazards like doorways or furniture. It also means that we can help you with daily movements in your home. This includes things like getting up from your chair or using the stairs.

Why choose The Well Balanced Centre?

I set up The Well Balanced Centre after working in the NHS for 16 years. I wanted to provide friendly, patient focused care that was easily accessible. The Well Balanced Centre can help you gain movement confidence and re-enter your local community. We involve our patients with their own healing and this makes them more likely to achieve their goals.


Interested in having home based physio? Contact us today to book your initial consultation. We are here to help!

Better Together

We provide home based physiotherapy in Chailey and the surrounding areas in West Sussex . We have developed reputable links with like minded health care and fitness professionals in the area who can provide holistic solutions to our patients health.

We are always happy to write to your GP, talk to your personal trainer/coach or communicate to other professionals involved in your health and fitness. We are better working together!

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