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Home Based Physiotherapy Lindfield 

The population is getting older and more people are living with long term conditions

Elderly Rehabilitation

As people age they can experience a range of aches and pains and stiff joints.  This can lead to people becoming more unsteady on their feet and being at greater risk of falling.  We provide home based physiotherapy in Lindfield and the surrounding areas in West Sussex. Often there can be several issues concerning a patient, but we use our specialised skills to help the individual and promote them living life to their fullest potential: whether that be wanting to get to their local shop, or getting back onto the golf course! 

Our elderly patients are sometimes cared for by family members so we will always maintain contact with them if appropriate.  Short or long term treatment plans can be set and we always ensure our patients feel empowered and confident to take part in their rehabilitation programme.

Promoting exercise for flexibility and strength and aid not only physical benefits, but psychological ones too.

We can also treat patients with dementia and help them improve their mobility and reduce falls.  Promoting confidence with specific exercises is key to preventing falls and promotes an improved quality of life

Strength / Balance Training


Poor balance and muscle weakness caused by ageing and lack of use can be significant risk factors for falls. Strength and balance training are proven to be effective interventions in helping reduce falls in the older population.

Post Orthopaedic Surgical Rehabilitation

Following surgery you may experience a whole range of both physical and psychological symptoms.  The Well Balanced Centre Physiotherapist will work with you to follow your post operation protocol and help you regain normal movement and function.  Treatment will also focus on pain management to enable you to move around as easily as possible as well as tips for reducing swelling.

If relevant, The Well Balanced Centre Physiotherapist will help progress your mobility off walking aids or onto the most appropriate aid for you.  They will also address safety aspects relevant to you in your own home, for example being able to go safely up and down stairs. 

Ultimately, the goal of Physiotherapy after surgery is to regain your pre op level of movement, or hopefully make it even better.

Falls Prevention

As well as addressing strength and balance, hazards at home can also be a risk factor for falls.  Suggesting adaptations or modifications to a patients home environment are another way in which The Well Balanced Centre Physiotherapist can help educate on falls prevention.

The Well Balanced Centre Physiotherapist will be able to carry out a full assessment to determine the ways in which Covid-19 has affected you.  You may find the virus has affected you physically and psychologically which can lead to you feeling weak and deconditioned. 


Our Physiotherapist can provide advice and help you adjust to getting back to health along with restoring normal movement patterns and habits following being unwell.

Getting back to function after Covid-19

Better Together

We provide home based physiotherapy in Lindfield and the surrounding areas in West Sussex . We have developed reputable links with like minded health care and fitness professionals in the area who can provide holistic solutions to our patients health.

We are always happy to write to your GP, talk to your personal trainer/coach or communicate to other professionals involved in your health and fitness. We are better working together!

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