A Patient -  Centered approach

The primary objectives of our Orthopaedic care program are to:

  • Assess and optimise patients pre-surgery to identify and treat correctable comorbidities and maximise pre-surgical function 

  • Undertake prompt and effective treatment to aid early mobilisation post surgery.

  • Minimise adverse events during the acute episode of care

  • Tailor rehabilitation to maximise recovery

  • Prevent subsequent falls and fractures


As part of the ageing process the body begins to lose strength, mobility and flexibility

Our Home based orthopeadic elderly care Well Balanced programme


All treatment is patient centered focusing on outcomes tailored to each individuals needs and personal goals.

Treatments at home might include:

  • A home exercise programme to restore function and movement

  • Functional activity practice e.g use of stairs and other activities of daily living

  • Balance work

  • Mobility practice – indoors and outdoors

  • Assessment of mobility aids

  • Recommendation of aids/equipment to facilitate function