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Physiotherapy in Care Homes

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Physiotherapy is an important part of healthcare for elderly patients in care homes. By providing physiotherapy for elderly people, we can help to improve the quality of life for these patients and help them to stay healthy and mobile.

At The Well Balanced Centre we provide physiotherapy for elderly patients in care homes to ensure that residents receive the necessary care to ensure they are fulfilled during their stay. We perform regular visits to ensure that each resident gets the care and support they deserve.

Carer massaging elderly patient
How Physiotherapy Helps in Care Homes

Physiotherapy Treatments for Elderly

There are many reasons why physiotherapy is important for elderly patients in care homes. Firstly, physiotherapy can help to improve mobility and flexibility, which can be crucial for maintaining independence and quality of life. Our physiotherapist can assess and treat issues an elderly individual may experience such as hip fracture, reduced mobility and falls. Physiotherapy can also help to improve circulation and breathing, as well as reduce the risk of bedsores. Physiotherapy is an invaluable tool in enhancing the degree to which care home residents are fulfilled, as physiotherapy for elderly people helps with a variety of ailments. For elderly patients in care homes, physiotherapy can be a vital part of maintaining their health and wellbeing, ensuring that residents are both happy and safe during their stay.

The Process

As part of our physiotherapy service for the elderly, our physiotherapists will assess each individual and develop a bespoke exercise plan. This plan will be designed to improve mobility, increase strength and promote independence. We have a great deal of experience in providing physiotherapy for elderly patients and are dedicated to helping them live healthy and active lives.

Our treatments are designed to address the following factors:

  • Assessing rehabilitation or mobility needs

  • Identifying appropriate walking aids

  • Understanding the resident's risk of falling and introducing measures to reduce this

  • Increasing the confidence of residents, reducing their reliance on staff

  • Regular measurements and reviews of patients' progress

  • Constant communication with care staff to enhance the service

We will work closely with the staff at care homes to ensure the our service and the care being provided is sufficient enough to meet the needs of residents. We value cooperation between ourselves and the care staff to gauge an understanding of each individual's needs and to ensure that they are getting the most out of our treatments.


As part of our physiotherapy for elderly people in care homes, we will provide both individual and group exercises to residents.

Our personalised exercises will be discussed with the staff at the care home. These will be designed to aid the resident in dealing with their specific requirements. We will ensure that the resident and staff are confident in performing and facilitating the exercise.

We also provide general exercises for all residents, and can even undertake exercise classes. These exercises will be designed to improve residents' general health. The exercises will address mobility, circulation, breathing, balance and more. This is particularly beneficial as it not only enhances the health of residents, but contributes towards preventing additional issues, including falling, or bedsores.

All of our exercises are carefully selected and are only utilised to enhance the wellbeing of care home residents. We will constantly liaise with staff to ensure that we are providing suitable exercises to fulfil the needs of every resident.

Occupational Physiotherapy

We offer physiotherapy services to care home workers who may be experiencing musculoskeletal pain or discomfort from their occupation. We provide a variety of treatments and interventions to help these workers stay healthy and comfortable.

Many care staff can experience pain from being on their feet all day, or when lifting and supporting residents. Therefore, the level of care can be affected as it is hindered by physical pain experienced by staff. Hence, we provide therapy and advice for staff to ensure that their wellbeing is valued just as much as the residents'.

There are many physiotherapy interventions that we use to help care staff. For example, we may provide manual therapy such as massage or mobilisation. This can help to loosen tight muscles and improve joint movement. Additionally, we often prescribe exercises that can be done at work or at home. This helps to maintain strength and flexibility, and prevent pain from returning

Furthermore, we may provide advice and tips on adapting lifestyles, or techniques to ensure that their bodies get the rest and support they require. By ensuring the staff remain healthy and happy, the level of care is maintained at a high level as sick leave is reduced from physical ailments.

The WBC and Physiotherapy for Elderly Patients

At The Well Balanced Centre, we believe that physiotherapy for elderly patients is crucial to maintaining their wellbeing. This is particularly important in care homes, where residents tend to be less able to care for themselves. Therefore, our service ensures that care home residents can maintain and even improve their health and wellbeing by providing physiotherapy treatment.

If you would like to learn more, or schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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