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A new chapter in community services.

Physio Plus+ Physiotherapy was a specialist home visiting service located in Haywards Heath which provided incredible care for its patients. Lizzi Farrell worked at Physio Plus+ for a number of years before founding The Well Balanced Centre.

Physio Plus+ Physiotherapy was established in 1989 by Physiotherapist Trudy Carter. Lizzi loved working with Trudy and the rest of the amazing clinical team at Physio Plus+. The team strongly believed in rehabilitating patients in a goal orientated way, treating each patient as an individual with their own needs and challenges.


Teamwork was key in the Physio Plus+ Physiotherapy practice. By working together, the team delivered high level care to the people that really needed it.

Offering Physiotherapy at home meant that patients could be relaxed in their home environment and still get the treatment they needed. Seeing the incredible positive effects of home-based physiotherapy inspired Lizzi to set up The Well Balanced Centre.

It is with a heavy heart that we now see Physio Plus+ Physiotherapy close after more than a 35 year reign in Mid Sussex. Lizzi was honoured to treat their last patient as a team. Fortunately, this patient will not have to go without home based physiotherapy because Physio Plus+ are handing their patients over to The Well Balanced Centre. These patients are now under the expert care of the team at The Well Balanced Centre with Lizzi being the link between the two practices to help make the change over as easy as possible.

The future

Lizzi now looks forward to continuing with all the patients that were handed over from Physio Plus and she will continue to practice across Mid Sussex with the strong patient focused ethos that underpinned all the work carried out by Physio Plus+.

Lizzi graduated as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2005. She worked for the NHS for 16 years. For the last 9 years Lizzi has specialised in treating older people with a range of orthopaedic and medical conditions. She has a particular interest in falls and balance within this patient group.

Some of the care homes Lizzi is currently working in are: The Goldbridge Care Home (BUPA) in Haywards Heath and Compton House, Lindfield. Other homes she has treated in include Maplehurst Nursing Home, Oakwood Court Care Home and Woodlands Nursing home.

Here at The Well Balanced Centre, we have a patient-centred focus. We want to help you reach your movement goals and get you feeling great again. We tailor our treatments to your needs and goals.

Services we offer

Areas The Well Balanced Centre can help with are:

· Elderly rehabilitation and age related issues

· Strength and balance training

· Post orthopaedic surgical rehabilitation

· Preventing falls

· Hazard spotting in the home

· Assisting with walking patterns and gait re-education

Interested in home-based physiotherapy with The Well Balanced Centre? Get in touch today to book your first session.

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