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‘It’s never too late’

I am so proud to have received this testimonial from my patient and now dear friend Maggie who needed physio support to help recover from a knee operation.

Maggie - a great person
A patient blog from Maggie Clinton aged 68 and fighting fit!

The beginning

‘Why wait, it’s never too late’……wise words indeed from Lizzi Farrell-Humphrey.

“My body is tired my mind is bright, yet many simple tasks I cannot get right.

The spine has twisted, the ankle gave out, the knees now object and I just want to shout!

I can’t do much more, the shoulder Doc said, now all I wanted to do was hide in my bed.

An uninvited guest moved into my body, its name is arthritis and has made me a mess.”

I wish I had found Lizzy years ago then maybe the complexity of my problems would not have become so chronic and advanced so rapidly. Then in June 2021, I was offered a knee replacement and something told me to get some preoperative physiotherapy in order to maximise my post op recovery so I could walk well and with confidence and without pain. Yes it worked. I am walking well, can bend my knee, kick my leg up. The hospital were amazed at my progress. What I really respect about Lizzy is her respect for the NHS: how she integrated their post-op physio program into a total all body approach. It is simply not possible for the NHS to see patients in this way with the intensity which Lizzy can.

What makes Lizzy’s approach different: the whole person

My right leg is short due to a very bent spine, I topple and trip and feel my body is no longer mine…..Lizzy assessed me as an induvial - without a form in her hand, to tick and fill out which always makes me want to shout.”

Lizzy quickly saw that I have a pretty complex body and swung into action with a whole body approach to movement. She watched while I did things and picked up on my struggles. Her approach was not simply about my knee. ‘We are only concentrating on the XXX’ is what I have heard so much before Lizzy days. Lizzy of course supervised me doing all the post-op hospital exercises. But she very quickly developed a plan that considered my balance issues due to my spine.

Hanging out washing, picking up things from the floor have all been included in the plan, so now I am so much safer doing daily tasks. I know I can do them and it has truly improved the quality of my life.’

Mental Health.

“Go out for a walk they tell you these days, it good for your Mental Health in so many ways.

That’s all well and good if you are safe on your legs, for me I was scared just walking out of the gate. Not being independent to walk safely and secure was worse for my MH I am absolutely sure. Covid joggers and bikers nearly drove me insane, rushing past me, heavy breathing leaving me reeling….. then Lizzy said lets go for walk up the road, so we did although at first I was very slow. Now I can do it all on my own with just one crutch to support me and usually my mobile phone!”

I can honestly say that Lizzy has done so much for my self-esteem. I believe more in my ability to do things. I am a pretty confident person in so many ways, but have never really been able to put myself first. Lizzy is worth every penny.

Maggie walking on an irish beach
Maggie walking again after her knee operation

General comments about Lizzi:

I found Lizzy via another Physio who now has retired. She was highly recommended. I had a home appointment with Lizzi prior to a complicated knee replacement and the continued one or twice weekly until my NHS session commenced at week 6 following surgery. She really motivated me to carry out the hospital post-op physio exercises and helped me managed my pain. I soon learnt that there is gain from the pain of doing the exercises.

Lizzy applies a ‘total patient care approach’. She looks at the whole person and adapts exercises and moving to fit with the other mobility problems I have. The NHS Consultant was amazed at my progress. So it goes to show if you put the work in the outcome is better. But I needed that kick as I was scared of falling down, or the knee giving out.

Friends and family are amazed at my new confidence, how well I walk and how my balance has improved. She is definitely value for money.

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