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How to regain confidence after a fall

As you get older, falls can inevitably happen. These, of course, can have a big impact on your physical abilities. However, the emotional impact of these falls is often pushed aside to focus on the physical aspect. Falling can mean you lose confidence walking and doing simple activities. This leads to you becoming less mobile from fear of injuring yourself again. But did you know that becoming less mobile can actually increase your chances of falling again?

Often, elderly people can end up in a cycle of falling and not regaining movement properly. But we want to change that.

How we can help

Here at the Well Balanced Centre, we want to help you regain confidence and freedom of movement. We understand the impact a fall can have on an elderly person and are here to help. We offer expert home based physiotherapy in Haywards Heath.

Having your physiotherapy at home rather than in a clinic creates a completely different experience. To start with, often elderly patients suffering after a fall will not want the distress of travelling somewhere new. By visiting you in your home, you can feel safe and secure as you regain movement confidence.

Seeing a patient in their home environment can often flag up issues that often go unnoticed. Hazards created by flooring, furniture or doorways can be spotted and worked around. Regaining movement in your home also means it is easy to apply new movement techniques to everyday life. With the help of your physiotherapist, you can learn how to safely practice everyday tasks. Looking for home based physiotherapy in Haywards Heath? Get in touch today to book your first session.

Set reasonable goals

This is probably the best advice for someone looking to regain movement confidence. Realistically, you’re not going to be up and running within a few days. Building muscle mass and gaining strength happens slowly and shouldn’t be rushed. The more careful you are about gaining strength, the more likely it is that it will last.

Set yourself small, reasonable goals to motivate you. This could be something like ‘I want to be able to walk twice around the garden’. Other goals could be ‘I want to walk confidently down the stairs using a handrail’. Set goals that will have a real impact on your life.

Another tip is to make sure your goals are specific. Something like ‘I want to regain movement confidence’ is good but it’s not specific enough to know when you’ve accomplished it. Try setting ‘movement confidence’ as the overall goal but something like ‘walking to the kitchen’ as a smaller goal.

Having a professional physiotherapist on hand means that your goals can be supervised and achieved. We can tailor your physio programme to help reach your specific goals. Interested in home based physiotherapy in Haywards Heath? Contact us today to get started.

At the Well Balanced Centre, we are experts in geriatric physiotherapy and want to help you or your loved one regain confidence. If you’ve been thinking about home based physiotherapy and want help on how to regain confidence after a fall, now is the chance to get started. Begin your journey of movement confidence today!

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